Astrologer & Evidential Psychic Medium


Mediumship Readings

Mediumship readings are a profound and healing experience. I am an evidential medium, meaning that when I connect with your past loved ones I bring forward specific details and information that are personal to you. This includes things like names, dates, personal memories, reason for passing, etc.

...every one of our readings have brought me a lot of comfort and healing...

Kassy has connected with my mother in law, father in law, grandfather and little sister. She always receives and shares incredibly accurate information and messages from spirit. The big messages are always incredibly helpful and healing but I am always amazed by the smaller, more intimate details that she is able to receive and share about people and relationships. Kassy has a true gift and every one of our readings have brought me a lot of comfort and healing.

- Lindy

Dollar Moon Club

Dollar Moon Club is a high vibe community of women who flow with the moon and manifest their dreams! In Dollar Moon Club I guide you through each new moon and full moon, so you know what to expect and how to work with the energy of the month.

...the best ever...

I am just so grateful that Kassy created Dollar Moon Club and I am so happy to be a part of it! This club is the best ever! I am so looking forward to learning and growing with everyone, thank you Kassy!

- Jennifer



I have been studying astrology for over 10 years and it is a huge passion of mine! Many people are surprised to find out how accurately the cosmos can reveal the past and predict future events in their lives.

My astrology readings are incredibly accurate and offer people a chance to get reacquainted with their soul-selves.




Where you have questions about your career, your purpose, love, relationships, or need some clarity, my psychic tarot readings will provide you with guidance and support as you move forward in your life.

About Kassy, the Moon Mama

As a child, I was always very sensitive. I enjoyed spending time alone and had many different imaginary friends.

I had very vivid dreams as a child and this is when I first began to feel the presence of passed souls. I remember laying in bed at night feeling a presence of other people in the room and it terrified me at this age because I did not know what was happening.

Looking back, I now know that the veil was simply thinner for me and I was intermingled with the spirit world.