About Moon Mama Kassy

As a child, I was always very sensitive.

I enjoyed spending time alone and had many different imaginary friends. I had very vivid dreams as a child and this is when I first began to feel the presence of passed souls.

I would often wake up in the middle of night to spirits in my bedroom. I remember lying in bed at night feeling a presence of other people in the room and it terrified me at this age because I did not know what was happening.

Looking back, I now know that the veil was simply thinner for me and I was always naturally intermingled with the spirit world.


Because of my high levels of sensitivity I was always portrayed as an anxious and troubled child. These feelings intensified as I grew older as I would easily soak up the energies around me. Growing up in an unstable and emotionally unsupportive home made my teenage years particularly difficult dealing with my deep empathic and psychic abilities. I was treated as if I had something wrong with me and I was constantly told I wasn’t normal and that my deep feelings were irrational. I was constantly invalidated and forced to not honor my emotions. This made me very self-conscious and I tried my hardest to ignore the spirits and my own intuitive abilities by detaching from my emotions and my heart.

Instead, I focused on exploring spirituality and religion which is something I have always felt drawn to. Although my abilities were never nurtured growing up, I felt pulled and divinely guided by Spirit all the time.

Even though my childhood was lonely and isolating, I always knew I was never alone.

I moved out as soon I was 18 and continued to explore spirituality, religion, astrology and yoga.  I finally felt free to be myself, although I still had a big fear of looking weird and abnormal to the outside world so I kept things private.  I felt so pulled to reconnect back to my empathic powers and my heart, but I still struggled with showing vulnerable emotions.  So, instead I focused on expanding my spiritual knowledge and I read any spiritual book I could get my hands on.  I worked at a metaphysical bookstore/yoga studio and loved being surrounded by like-minded mystics and seekers.

I continued to have very vivid dreams which often guided me and warned me.

I remember a dream I had about someone I was dating at the time.  In my dream, I saw another girl who was sitting on my bed and she was pregnant.  She was blond and she looked sad, scared and alone.  A couple days later I found out that this person had cheated on me and had gotten another girl pregnant.  I saw a photo of her and she was the exact girl in my dream.  She went on to have a baby girl and raised her alone.  After this experienced I began studying lucid dreaming and the power of dreams.

Spirit and intuition is what saved my life that day.

In 2013 I had a near-death experience giving birth to my first daughter when I suffered an amniotic embolism. I had no symptoms, only a voice inside of me urging me to get help.  The hospital staff could not believe I was alive and they said I was very lucky.  A couple years later we had our second and final daughter and this is when I began to feel my gifts grow at a rapid rate.  I suffered from extreme postpartum anxiety and I needed something to ground myself.  Once again, I was mistaking this strong spirit connection with anxiety and fear.

I felt drawn to purchase a Tarot deck and I began doing short readings for friends.  They were surprisingly accurate and I began to really recognize and own my psychic skills and abilities.  Old fears of looking weird or abnormal fell away and I began to really embrace and honor my gifts.


I began reading professionally a couple months later and shortly after that my mediumship abilities began to become very apparent.  I began having specific souls come through during readings for clients.  They would give me names, dates, and specific details.  It all seemed so random to me, but I would tell my clients this information and they would inform me that this was a passed loved one I was talking about.

This frightened me at first.  I remember thinking “I don’t want to talk to dead people right now.  I’m not ready for that yet.”  But Spirit had other plans and my mediumship began to strengthen and grow very quickly even though I was still questioning it myself.  It was like a door had been busted open and there was no closing it now.  It was like a train had taken off and I was holding on to the caboose for dear life!

I began to physically see souls at night in our bedroom, which hadn’t happened since I was a young child.  I began to feel the strong urge to share messages with friends from their passed loved ones and I knew there was no going back.

I knew that this was the work I was supposed to be doing and I couldn’t deny it.
I just love this work so much!

I have always felt a strong pull towards the sacred and divine Mother archetype and this intensified when I became a mother myself.  I love to tap into this deeply compassionate, sensitive and nurturing energy in order to provide support and emotional validation to my clients.  I have also always felt very drawn to the energy of the Moon and it's ever-changing flow.

I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do this work and to be a communicator for Spirit and other comic beings. I love providing psychic guidance and help to people in need.  I enjoy helping people navigate through times of transition and confusion.

I love helping people to connect with their past loved ones and helping them to know that they are always around them showing them signs of love and support.  I love sharing the message that you are never truly alone even though life can sometimes feel very lonely and confusing.

Astrology has been a passion of mine for over ten years!  I love being able to use this as a tool in order to help people better understand themselves on a deeper level, to help people get closure and validation from past experiences, and to guide people on what they can expect in the future.

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In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my two little girls.  I love to hike and spend time outdoors.  I enjoy reading and learning new things.  I am always taking some sort of class and working on expanding and fine-tuning my abilities!

I'd love to work with you, so please check out my live readings, video readings, my coaching packages, or join me inside Dollar Moon Club!