Candle Magic

What is the process of your Candle Magic?

First we get really clear on what you are wanting. I then select the appropriate herbs, a colored candle, crystals, and an aligned day of the week to preform your candle magic ritual. I always practice candle magic at night.

I get into a mediative state, similar to when I am connecting with Spirit and channeling for readings. As I preform your ritual, I am often in a trance-like state. During this phase I write out your intention physically on paper as I get messages and visions from Spirit related to you and your desires. The candle burns down slowly in about an hour and then I seal the ritual. The sealing portion is sacred and is not something I share publicly in order to protect my magic.

Afterwards I will type up everything that I saw and experienced during your ritual and send it all to you in a pretty PDF.

Candle Magic Basic


You will receive a follow up email when I have finished your candle magic spell.

I will tell you any visions and/or messages from Spirit I received during your session. I will also give you the clear intention that I set and wrote out for you during the ritual.

Everything will be compiled into a pretty PDF for you.

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Candle Magic VIP


Includes one 20 minute live session with me so we can get really clear on your desires and what you’re wanting to manifest into your life.

During the live session I may also pull some tarot/oracle cards for extra clarity. Getting very clear on your intentions is what makes the candle magic extra potent and powerful.

You will receive a follow up email when I have finished your candle magic spell.

I will tell you any visions and/or messages from Spirit I received during your session.

Everything will be compiled into a pretty PDF for you.

...candle magic is epic...

I honestly don't have words. This email had me in tears. I think I’ve read it about 10 times already. I honestly can't describe to you just how much hope this gave me for my future. My heart is exploding and for the first time in a very long time I don't just **think** things are going to be ok. I KNOW they are. I am so insanely grateful for you and your work. Candle magic is EPIC.

- Greta

Candle Magic that I specialize in:

  • money
  • career
  • removing creative blocks
  • emotional healing
  • mending a broken heart
  • self-love
  • increasing sex drive & passion in an established relationship
  • fertility
  • cultivating a stronger connection to Spirit
  • enhancing psychic gifts/mediumship
  • protection from negative entities
  • protection from a living person
What do you do after you book a Candle Magic Session with me?

Stay open. Keep a journal nearby because people will often receive many divine downloads and powerful moments of clarity from Spirit in the days following the candle spell ritual. Many people experience vivid dreams in the days afterwards as well.

Reread your PDF and intention often. Please protect your magic and do not share it with a lot of people. Keep it close to your heart!


***Please note that by purchasing this service form me, there are never any guarantees that a situation will unfold exactly how you are wanting it to. It may work in unexpected ways, so it’s very important to keep and open mind and an open heart. For example: you want to manifest some money and you then get an opportunity to go back to school/work towards making more money. Candle magic WORKS, but it works for your highest good at all times.

***I do not do “love candle magic” for ethical purposes if it is involving another person. For example: “make this person love me” or “bring this person back into my life”. I do NOT do this type of work.

...I am so beyond grateful...

Kassy is magical all on her own but she takes it to that next level with her Candle Magic! She did a money spell for me and within moments I felt a burst of inspiration and wrote out a new workshop (I was completely unaware of the time she was doing the ritual).

The day after the Candle Magic, I experienced intense, life changing realizations and breakthroughs surrounding deep money blocks I had within me. Not only that, but the very same day I wrote out the outline for a new course AND I made three big sales after experiencing a 2 week long "dry spell".

Each day following the Candle Magic, I've continued to have big realizations, I've felt so inspired and creative and I can feel an overall shift in my energy. Many of my fears and insecurities I had around money and my worth seem to be non-existent. I am so beyond grateful for Kassy and her Candle Magic!

- Natashia