Life, Spirit, & Business Mentorship

About mentorship & coaching with Kassy

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Aside from being able to talk to passed souls, I have always had a natural ability to see the souls of living people as well…I see right through your limitations, your bullshit and your blocks until there is just YOU and your pure authentic light.

My coaching style is a yummy blend of unconditional love, intuitive prowess and ass-kicking.

Working with me means peeling back the layers, going deep and walking through a lot of fear.

I help women reconnect back to their hearts so they can unlock their natural strengths and talents. Then we take those natural gifts and we light them up!

Mentorship via Zoom is available for all clients.
Clients in the Phoenix, AZ area can request in-person meetings.

Spirit 101 is a course & mentorship combination designed to connect you with Spirit and deepen your intuition.

Spirit 102 is a course & mentorship combination designed to help you grow your gifts in your Spirit based business.

Soulful Business Coaching is designed for clients who want to grow their heart-led businesses.

**By booking coaching with me you take full responsibility for your life and any results that may come as a result from your reading. I am not responsible or liable for any legal issues. You take full responsibility of your health and mental status. As always, please seek the advice of a professional for these types of issues. Readings and crystal prescriptions are not meant to replace professional help.