Mediumship Readings

About the readings

My readings, based on how our energies mesh and how I can most effectively communicate the messages I am receiving for you, can include:

  • Claircognizance: Intution/clear knowing
  • Clairvoyance: Psychic seeing
  • Clairaudience: Psychic hearing
  • Clairsentience: Empathy/feeling
  • Mediumship: Communicating with spirits and passed loved ones

I receive my information, both psychically and mediumistically, through all of my senses. I see, hear, feel and know.

My mediumship readings are either done live through ZOOM or through online chat via WhatsApp. 

***By booking a reading with me you take full responsibility for your life and any results that may come as a result from your reading. I am not responsible or liable for any legal issues. You take full responsibility of your health and mental status. As always, please seek the advice of a professional for these types of issues. Readings and crystal prescriptions are not meant to replace professional help.