Light Healing & Activation


Light Actvation & Healing

What is a light healing & activation?
You can think of this as a type of "energy healing". Your body is a magical vessel that has the ability to heal itself. My activations "wake up" this healing energy inside of you and enhance mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy within your body.

What is the process like?
With the help of my Arcturian guides, I connect with your personal quantum field to move and activate the light within your body. They guide me where to move the energy and what to activate using my hands. While I am working I see geometric shapes and various colors. I sometimes speak light language during the process as well. Light language is a multidimensional language encoded with healing frequencies.

Who are your Arcturian guides?
They are 9th dimensional cosmic beings. The Arcturians specialize in creation, bringing energy into solid matter, sacred geometry, and quantum physics. My personal guides consist of 5 beings. Two of them step forward when I am channeling cognitive information for my work when I am teaching courses. My other three guides assist me when I am doing work that tends to surpass words, such as these light healings.

What is the reading?

My light healing sessions include a 5-10min recorded video so you may receive it as much as you'd like.

When will I receive my reading?

Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

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